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Welcome to Asia Dyestuff Industries Ltd (ADI).

Color is our core business and we enjoy good reputation as a reliable partner in color solution for industries
such as textile, paper, coating, and etc.


We, Asia Dyestuff Industries, are dedicated to produce and develop dyestuffs and pigments. It is in our respect that ADI always has this vision and attempts to bring together the finest of products, the most advanced technology and the most qualified people to meet customers’ expectation and increase product satisfaction. This philosophy has served our customers well for more than 30 years and will remain our major commitment for the next decades.

Our product

ADI offers the broad dye range and pigment in various industries. Over the years we had established benchmark for dyestuff quality and service.

Technicals : We continue gathering knowledge and information in order to connect our customers with technical knowledge and product behavior data. Our business is not just selling but supporting ultimate success of customer's business.