About us

At a glance

Asia Dyestuff Industries Ltd.,  founded in 1984, has a good reputation as a reliable and responsible company in manufacturing and supplying dyestuff and chemical to local and oversea

"Proud to be leading
Thai Dyestuff Manufacturer"

Certificate:  ISO9001:2015

Issued by :  URS / UKAS

The scope of activities: Research & Development, Manufacturer and Distributor of Dyestuff and Chemical

Product capacity

        500      tons per month or
  6,000     tons per year.


฿     250     Million Baht.
$   8.33     Million USD.

No. of Employee


ADI is rewarded Green Industry Level 2: Green Activity from Department of Industrial Works.

Certain Adifix dyes are approved lists with GOTS version 6.0 4, H&M positive list, ZDHC gateway.

Company Mission

Direct towards customer satisfaction.

Company Vision

Colorant specialist for textile and non-textile industries.

Company Objectives

Research & Development of dyestuff production and provide color solutions for customers.


1985 1994 2002 2012
Increased the capital up to 32 million Baht and the first unit produced 600 tons of dyestuffs. Within two years our capacity expanded to 800 tons with 100 million Baht capital Board of Investment (thailand) approved our second ADI factory in Phetburi for 6,000 tons of dyestuffs and capital investment of 300 million Baht Developed liquid direct dyes and optical brighteners for paper industry Developed pigment solutions for coating industries.
1984 1990 1996 2007 2017
Mr. Sompong Chernviriyakul established the first production unit with 10 million Baht capital Board of Investment (thailand) approved the second production unit with 2,000 tons capacity of dyestuffs and capital 150 million Baht ADI quickly established itself as an important position in dyestuffs business and very successful growing together with customers. Established as the leading colorant manufacturer for paper industry in Thailand Established as one major manufacturer of pigment dispersion (Adibrite®) for coating industry

Production and Quality Control

Since our inception, ADI always commits to provide

the best to our customers in terms of quality, consistency, trustworthiness, and services.

"Quality has been one of our important keys."

the quality inspection are performed stage by stage starting from the beginning synthesis (raw material quality) till the end final packing.

Quality Policy

Asia Dyestuff Industries Ltd is committed to be leading Thai dyestuff manufacturer for textile, paper, and other industries with continuous improvement in product quality under international standard quality management system to provide good quality product that can meet customer need and satisfaction.

QC of Raw Material
  • % Purity by Titration Method
  • Paper Chromatography
  • thin Layer Chromatography
  • % Residue Content
  • % Solid Content
  • % Moisture Content
  • Solubility
  • Physical Appearance
QC of Work in Process
  • Cyanuration Test
  • % Free Content
  • % wet Cake
  • Filter Loss
  • % Base Content
  • Monoazo Test
QC of Finished Goods
  • Spectrophotometer Computer Report in transmittance & Reflectance
  • Exhaustion Dyeing in 40 oC , 60 oC , 80 oC , 98 oC , 130 oC for various type of fibers.
  • Printing for various type of fibers.
  • Padding for various type of fibers.
  • pH
  • Solubility
  • Viscosity
  • Bleeding Test
  • Particle Size Test
  • Washing Fastness Test : ISO 105 C06/E2S
  • Light Fastness Test : ISO 105 B02-1994 Method 2 Xenon-arc-lamp or AATCC 16E-1998 option E, water cooled, Xenon-arc-lamp
  • Dry Heat Fastness Test : ISO 105 P01-1993 ,
    180 oC x 30 sec.
  • Perspiration Fastness Test : ISO E05-1996


Export Country
Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Kenya, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Japan,
Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam
Philippines, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore